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Today's Trailer Happy Hour has Han Solo and Queer Eye, but what about Firefly?

Screenshot: Queer Eye (YouTube)

Howdy, internet person, and welcome to Trailer Happy Hour, a dusty refuge on the range where y’all can find the rootinest and/our tootinest teasers and trailers this side of that big ol’ muddy river. Today we have Queer Eye’s return to Netflix, some hashtag branded content coming to a Star Wars game near you, a mockumentary about vampires (not the famous one), and a shark movie with a name that makes us think some people have forgotten about a certain beloved sci-fi show that used to air on Fox a long time ago.

First up is the new trailer for season two of Netflix’s Queer Eye revival, which is just as joyous and heartwarming as you’d expect. It has a lot of people strutting around in new outfits, a lot of clapping and cheering, and a lot—a lot, a lot—of crying. Also, as the YouTube description notes, this time the gang is “doing a lady!” Queer Eye returns on June 15.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is already sort of an ad for the Star Wars movies, but on June 12, players will get to experience some hot new content pulled directly from Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can fly Lando’s retro Millennium Falcon, play as Donald Glover’s version of Lando, and try on the bounty hunter disguise that Lando wears in Jabba’s Palace. There’s probably some non-Lando content, but you’ll have to watch the trailer to find out what it is. We only have so much space here.

Vidar The Vampire isn’t exactly like What We Do In The Shadows, but it is a vampire comedy with some mockumentary elements. Also, not to read into some of the imagery too much, but it seems like vampirism might be a very specific metaphor for something else in this movie. (It’s sex. We’re talking about sex.)


Finally, we have a new trailer for Serenity, the big-screen sequel to Joss Whedon’s hit Fox show Firefly. Just kidding, this is a totally different movie that happens to be called Firefly. You can tell because Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway weren’t in the other Serenity, and also this definitely looks like an Earth movie instead of a space movie. We could be wrong, though, so there’s a chance this is a low-key reboot of the Serenity movie series. You can’t stop the signal, Mal!


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