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Today's Trailer Happy Hour has Goosebumps, a psychic Michael Peña, and some grade-A catfish

Screenshot: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we watch the trailers so that you don’t have to, although you probably, should; what else are you doing today, huh, big shot? Today we’ve got a Goosebumps sequel and Barb from Stranger Things finally getting hers, so let’s dive right in.

First up: The first full trailer for Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, in which yet another group of dangerously reckless pre-teens unleash yet another set of R.L. Stine’s famous creations on their small town. There’s no sign of Jack Black as a returning fictionalized version of Stine, but Slappy The Living Dummy is back to unleash a PG-rated version of hell.


Next up: Netflix’s Extinction, which seems a little bit like someone asked “What if we did a riff on Take Shelter, but halfway through, it just turns out that the dude was right?” Co-starring Lizzy Caplan and Mike Colter, the film stars Michael Peña as a dad who starts getting prophetic dreams of an alien invasion, and who then has to protect his family when they start coming true.

Finally, we’ve got another Netflix trailer, this one for Shannon Purser—a.k.a. the aforementioned Barb—as the coming-of-age hero of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. Despite the name, and the eyerolls of those damn popular kids, Sierra seems pretty cool, actually, at least until she starts catfishing a boy with a picture of a more fashionable classmate. At this point, we have to ask: Sierra, buddy, have you never seen a movie? Even if you can pull off a Cyrano/Roxanne, it never ends well (at least for a minute, until it inevitably does, in proper rom-com fashion). Sierra Burgess makes the scene on September 7, complete with a part from recent Random Roles luminary Alan Ruck as Purser’s dad.


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