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Today's Trailer Happy Hour has Doctor Who's Matt Smith as a growling, grunting zombie whisperer

Screenshot: Patient Zero

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where everybody knows your name. (It’s “Human being who wants to watch some teasers and promos for upcoming films,” right? We thought we recognized you!) Today we’ve got chatty zombies, sentimental methadone lovers, and some very bad things happening in Texas, so let’s dive right in.

First up: The trailer for Patient Zero, which sees former Doctor Who star Matt Smith working as a zombie translator for a group trying to hunt down the initial infectee of one of those pesky undead-like rabies outbreaks that are always screwing up the world. Unfortunately for him (and Natalie Dormer, who seems to be having an extremely bad time in some air ducts) it looks like the “zombies” are smarter than originally expected.


Next up: Galveston, the new feature from True Detective’s Nic Pizolatto (who wrote the original novel) and director Mélanie Laurent. Starring Ben Foster and Elle Fanning, it’s a loud, gritty-looking bit of nastiness, complete with a whole bunch of yelling, gunfire, and wall-punching, that old cinematic stand-in for unrestrained rage.

Speaking of, we’ve also got a trailer for Susanna Nicchiarelli’s new film Nico, 1988, a sort of anger-fueled biopic about the famed singer-songwriter during the last year of her life. Trine Dyrholm plays Nico herself, creating a portrait of her as a wry, destructive, and oddly warm force. Already an award-winner in Italy, the film is set for a U.S. theatrical release on August 1.


Finally, we’ve got a little bit of X-Men-lite to tide you over until the next official mutants movie arrives, with a new trailer for The Darkest Minds, based off the book by Alexandra Bracken. Set in a world where generational fears include “all teenagers have superpowers,” the film stars The Hunger Games’ Amandla Stenberg as a young girl capable of fucking up a bunch of olds with her mind. The film arrives in theaters on August 3.


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