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Today's Trailer Happy Hour has a big shark, big comedy, and a big family

Screenshot: The Meg (YouTube)

The long July 4 weekend—when people who are afforded luxuries like “vacation time” suddenly decide that they’d rather spend five days outside in the miserable sun rather than in the cool comfort of a sterile office building—is almost over. That means it’ll soon be time to return to the awful and stupid real world, where everything is bad and stupid, but we still have time to squeeze in a quick Trailer Happy Hour to make Sunday night go down a little easier. Today we’ve got a quick clip from the What We Do In The Shadows spin-off, a similarly quick clip from shark movie The Meg, a proper teaser for Jim Jefferies’ upcoming Netflix stand-up special, and a trailer for Jeremiah Zagar’s adaptation of Justin Torres’ We The Animals.

FX is getting an American spin-off of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows at some point, but New Zealand almost already has the initial spin-off Wellington Paranormal. The show will be sort of like a low-stakes, extremely New Zealand-based version of The X-Files, and it’ll premiere in New Zealand on July 11.


We’ve seen trailers for The Meg before, but this one has a couple of cool, new shots of an anti-shark tube and the eponymous shark chomping on a big aqua ball of some kind. The clip is too short to really have much of an opinion on, but we think people are being too hard on this shark. It’s just a heckin’ big fish boy!

It’s always fun when stand-up trailers add some kind of narrative angle that is (typically) ignored in the special itself. After all, it’s either that or spoil some jokes, which would defeat the purpose of promoting the stand-up special in the first place. This trailer for Jim Jefferies’ This Is Me Now is all about how he’s talking about real issues instead of just making penis jokes, but also he’s going to be making a lot of penis jokes.


And then we have We The Animals, which is a real movie trailer for a real movie. It’s based on the book of the same name by Justin Torres, and it’s about a trio of half-Puerto Rican brothers who like to do wild stuff together in the ‘80s. There’s no shark, but there is laughing and learning and screaming and crying. It’ll be in theaters on August 10.


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