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Today's show, in two acts: the Ira Glass sex-tape

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What would an Ira Glass sex tape be like,” you should probably spend some time reevaluating your life. But after that, you should check out this video made by Julian Joslin, which posits what that (thankfully imaginary) sex tape would sound like. Not surprisingly, it sounds a lot like an episode of This American Life, wherein a Glass sound-alike explores “in two acts” the process of crafting the most erudite, nasally celebrity sex tape you ever did cringe at. It’s wall-to-wall public-radio humor, with appearances from Jonathan Goldstein, Alex Bloomberg, a fishnet-clad Terry Gross, The Planet Money Team, and plenty of corny dad-jokes. (“Wait wait, don’t come yet!” “Car-nal talk,” etc.) Stay with us…

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