Today's episode of Puddin', the twisted web-video series created by Patton Oswalt's brother Matt, features a couple of special guests you might want to check out. In addition to Eddie Pepitone, you'll see Patton (alongside Matt, who plays Puddin') as well as a superstar comedian from days of yore doing something very naughty. We also wanted to remind you Chicagoans that although tickets to our super-secret comedy show [REDACTED] sold out in just a couple of minutes, there are still tickets available to a screening of The Bitter Buddha, which plays Friday June 15 at the Siskel Center. It's a documentary about Pepitone, a comic's comic you may have seen ranting on the stand-up stage or doing bit parts on The Sarah Silverman Program or Chappelle's Show. (He's also been on the WTF Podcast a bunch.) Anyway, the doc features Oswalt, Silverman, Marc Maron, and Zach Galifianakis talking about Pepitone's influence. Pepitone, Oswalt, and director Steven Feinartz will do a post-screening Q&A, all brought to you by your friends at The A.V. Club. Info and tickets can be had here. Embedded below you'll find a trailer for The Bitter Buddha as well as today's episode of Puddin'.