Warning: Major spoilers for the comic strip Nancy follow and are in the photo above. So try to unsee that photo if you are a big Nancy fan.

When we here at The A.V. Club received the major press release containing this incredibly important bit of news yesterday, we cursed the heavens, for we were not in a place to immediately sit down and bring that news to you. Fortunately, it does not appear anyone has scooped us on what may be the pop culture news of the year: Martina McBride’s new album will be featured in the comic strip Nancy.


The press release reads, in its entirety:

Martina McBride has been immortalized in the “Nancy” comic strip as the iconic toon sings the classics from Martina’s “dazzling” (Country Weekly) new album ‘Everlasting’ (out 4.08). Here’s Martina with the comic, illustrator Guy Gilchrist and BMI’s Jody Williams at last night’s listening event at the BMI Nashville office.

As you can see, the strip in question pictures Nancy singing several songs from the new album (which is a covers album, it appears), when Sluggo comes up to her and says, “You’ve been singing these new Martina songs all day! How long will this ‘concert’ last?” Then Nancy replies with, “It’ll be ‘Everlasting’!” So, as you can see, the title of the album was worked in there, so Martina McBride has truly been immortalized, as we all know that Nancy will never stop running, because newspaper comic strips never die. That’s got to be a comfort to McBride and her fans, to know that citizens of the year 2314 will gaze in wonder upon this strip in The Complete Annotated Nancy and come to know who Martina McBride was.


Fans of Nancy will take this as a heartening suggestion that Nancy and Oona will soon stop wandering the comics pages, a major storyline launched in the March 24 strip and continuing to this day. It has contained such oddly mesmerizing art as this March 29 strip, which has all the characteristics of a Lynchian nightmare dragged up from the abyss of the collective unconscious. Leave it open in a tab all day, returning to it only in moments of crisis. The terrible beast Garfancy will guide you.