In what will be the final thing ever said about Breaking Bad this paragraph, a group of fans—who have no patience for people who complain about spoilers—have taken out an obituary for Walter White in today’s Albuquerque Journal. Commissioned by Albuquerque resident David Layman and other members of the “Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour,” the obit, which you can see below, is meant to provide “some closure” to locals who, in Layman’s terms, were proud that the series “brought Albuquerque into the light, and we’re no longer a stopover.” (Indeed, now it’s a meth-and-misfortune wonderland!) Anyway, while it’s a bit unusual to see an obituary for a fictional character make it into an actual newspaper, from what we’ve learned from Breaking Bad, you can pretty much get away with anything in Albuquerque. [via Yahoo]