According to below video announcement posted on the group’s official website, today is They Might Be Giants Awareness Day, a time for fans who are currently aware of the nearly 30 years of existence of They Might Be Giants to educate those who are not, no matter how resistant they may be. Should you be planning to hold some sort of public rally to get the message out, consider including the just-released four preview tracks from the group’s upcoming Join Us (due out July 19), which are now available on iTunes and streaming through AOL Spinner. And remember, as recently demonstrated by Ashton Kutcher, the crucial factor of any successful awareness campaign is surprise, so do whatever you can to catch your targets off guard: Use your time at a local city council meeting to filibuster (vigilantly) with selections from Lincoln, for example, or maybe stage a candlelight march to the sounds of “Whistling In The Dark” in your company's break room.