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Distinguishing itself from a normal day through the employment of formal invitations, today has been officially set aside for openly despising Game Of Thrones’ King Joffrey Baratheon, and offering him the social media equivalent of a good slap across the face. The official Game Of Thrones Twitter and Facebook feeds are asking fans to lend their “tongues, taunts, and tweets” with the hashtag #RoastJoffrey, on a day dedicated to throwing Internet dung at the one who sits upon the Iron Throne, marking the first time a pain in the ass has ever sat on a pain in the ass. #RoastJoffrey


The Thrones feed is already filling up with retweets of the many sick, medieval-themed burns, while the show’s YouTube channel is posting videos of stars like Rory McCann describing Joffrey, and the below video of Hodor offering perhaps the harshest assessment yet. Just remember while you’re composing your insults: The actor who plays Joffrey is actually a dedicated humanitarian who’s thinking of quitting show business to concentrate on helping people, so all the more reason to drive him out.

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