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Today in “yes, really”: Suburgatory’s Jeremy Sisto releases solo album as his hobo clown alter ego

Jeremy Sisto has some range. A bratty creep in Clueless, a traumatized detective on Law & Order, a bipolar artist on Six Feet Under, a newly suburban city dad on Suburgatory: He’s gone in a lot of directions throughout his acting career. He even played Jesus in the 1999 TV movie Jesus. But he may be going James Franco on us. First, he named his son Bastian Kick after saddling his daughter with the moniker Charlie-Ballerina. Now Sisto is releasing an awesomely weird solo debut album, Escape Tailor. The title comes from Sisto’s musical alter ego, the Sasha Fierce to his Beyoncé, or the Ziggy Stardust to his Bowie. Except Escape Tailor (as seen above, in a still taken from the music video) looks like an emo escapee from the Insane Clown Posse ranks.

Perhaps his wild blonde hair and mime makeup are in homage to Bob Dylan’s coked-out-of-his-mind-and-in-whiteface stage at the Rolling Thunder Revue? In a press release, Sisto describes Escape Tailor as “someone who lives wholly in the present, unburdened of social norms and deeply tethered to his own flawed humanity.” And his look is aptly summarized as “equal parts street musician and homeless clown,” though that description really should continue “who spends too much time listening to Tom Waits.” Look for the album May 8, and enjoy his comically bizarre music video:

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