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Today in "yes, really": Robert Redford might be in the Captain America sequel

Having gazed upon the once-scrappy lands of his indie-film oasis and spied Paris Hilton emerging from a gifting suite, Robert Redford has thrown up his hands and declared, fine, he may as well just go star in a big comic-book blockbuster, if that’s the way the world wants it. The Hollywood Reporter reports the previously unlikely circumstance of Redford joining Captain America: The Winter Soldier, playing an older member of S.H.I.E.L.D. that one source compares to that of Ralph Fiennes in Skyfall, in that it will make you say, “Hey, Ralph Fiennes!” but swapping in “Robert Redford” instead. Redford is still only “in talks” for what would be his first foray into the comic-book world, but Deadline suggests his role could end up being one of those recurring characters that shows up in several more Marvel movies to come. “In fact, just stick a cape on me,” Redford probably said, giddy with abandon. “Fuck it.”


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