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Today in who's not directing Star Wars: Brad Bird and Colin Trevorrow are not directing Star Wars

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Demonstrating a blatant disregard for the feelings of entertainment blog writers, Brad Bird and Colin Trevorrow have both denied reports that had them in the running to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, despite the proliferation of recent articles declaring this to be true. Each shot down their respective rumor via Twitter, with Bird telling several fans flat out that he's not doing Star Wars while teasing his next, not-Star Wars science-fiction film, 1952, a Disney project written by Damon Lindelof that had many wondering aloud in articles about whether this whole 1952 thing was always just a cover for Star Wars—articles that are, once again, totally useless now.


With Bird off the list he insists he was never really on, that left the lone remaining rumored candidate, Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow, an unlikely choice whom many took seriously anyway thanks to a single, unsourced article on Celebuzz, and some retroactive interpretation of an interview he gave regarding a much-loved "mythology" he might be tackling next. Anyway, that was all pointless: Trevorrow cleared everything up by responding affirmatively to a fan's tweet asking whether he was officially out of the Star Wars running ("That is what I am saying"), then adding cryptically, "To clarify, there is another film we all love that I'm currently trying not to mess up. Odds I will direct Episode VII: 3720 to 1."

And of course, no one responded, "Never tell me the odds," because that's from Star Wars, and Trevorrow has nothing to do with that now. (For the record, he's also preemptively denied any involvement with a Howard The Duck remake.) Anyway, with Brad Bird and Colin Trevorrow gone, we can now move on to speculating who else might be involved—or we would, if we weren't sure we would just get hurt again.

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