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Today in “What’s being Kickstarted?”: Maybe Pushing Daisies, definitely not Firefly

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Good news for creators and showrunners of beloved TV series canceled before their time: Thanks to the Veronica Mars movie, they can now anticipate at least one question in all interviews regarding future projects. “Any thoughts on a Kickstarter for a [insert beloved TV series canceled before its time] [sequel movie/wrap-up miniseries/collectible card game that ties up all the loose ends]?” Not that Bryan Fuller needs to answer that question during the press rounds for HannibalVeronica Mars’ Rob Thomas has already done so, telling Hitfix that Fuller reached out to him to discuss crowdfunding and its ability to touch dead things and bring them back to life. “And I know he was talking about Pushing Daisies,” Thomas continued, thus fulfilling the one-in, one-out policy of longed-for TV revivals.


But as fans of Pushing Daisies know, magic revival powers can only be used once, which is probably why Joss Whedon is reluctant to use Kickstarter to get a second Firefly film off the ground. Either that, or the fact that he has much, much more on his plate these days—namely a gigantic superhero franchise and its attendant TV spin-off, both of which have more than enough money behind them, thank you very much. And even if they didn’t, Dr. Horrible 2 would take precedence over a new big-screen continuation of Firefly—the universe of which has already been expanded upon in the pages of Dark Horse Comics and the movie that gave us hope for all our abused and discarded TV favorites in the first place. But hey, even if you can’t help Whedon, you might be able to make a Terriers movie a reality. If this Beverly Hills Cop thing tanks, Shawn Ryan ought to take that to Kickstarter as well. It seems like a great idea for a movie—hell, maybe it could even be a trilogy.

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