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Today in weed: Stoned sheep are currently rampaging across the Welsh countryside

(Photo: Getty Images)

It sounds like the plot of a Troma movie, but this is real life: A Welsh village was recently besieged by an army of “psychotic” sheep after they accidentally ate loco weed. This news comes from the British newspaper The Telegraph, which was alerted to the baaaaaaaaad situation (sorry, couldn’t help it) when city councillor Ioan Richard warned residents to beware of the wooly menace. The sheep have reportedly been roaming the village of Rhydypandy in the Swansea valley in South Wales, breaking into residents’ homes—presumably in search of snacks—and making “a mess.”

The herd’s unusual behavior began after the remains of an illegal cannabis plantation were dumped by the side of a road near the village, leading locals to believe that the sheep munching on marijuana is to blame. They have no firm evidence that this is what happened, of course, and won’t be able to prove it unless someone starts following the herd around 24 hours a day. Alternately, residents could try asking the sheep their opinion on Phish.


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