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Today in unexpectedly great mashups: "Goodbye Earl" meets "All The Small Things"

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Screenshot: The Chicks, Blink-182

Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis has carved out an impressive career as a solo artist, having released two uplifting albums under the name Sad13 (2016’s Slugger and this September’s Haunted Painting). She also knows her way around a good cover. Just last month, she contributed a chilled-out version of “Psychic Trauma” by labelmates Cloud Nothings to a 21st anniversary compilation for Carpark Records.

But her most impressive feat to date may be “Earl the Small Things,” a mashup of The Chicks“Goodbye Earl” and Blink-182’s “All The Small Things.” As Dupuis revealed on Twitter last night, the epic sonic journey began when she discovered that “Goodbye Earl” is also a cover of an unreleased song by country band Sons of the Desert (we didn’t know this, either):


What started out as Dupuis’ own karaoke cover of “Goodbye Earl” soon took a left turn as she realized that the Blink hit matches up rather perfectly with The Chicks’ career-making version of the song. And thus, “Earl the Small Things” was born:

It makes sense when you think about it. Both songs rely mainly on the chords C, F, and G, not to mention copious “na-na-na”s in the chorus. It also begs the question—are there other Chicks/Blink mashups to be had? Could “Gaslighter” work with “Dick Lips”? Is “Wide Open Spaces” just begging to be combined with “Ben Wah Balls”?

Check out Dupuis’ important work over at Twitter, and if you Venmo her $2 (handle @/sadie-dupuis), you can even get an mp3 version of the cover emailed directly to you.


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