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Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we take all the day’s new movie promos and teasers, and try to figure out how to use them as an excuse to get paid to talk about how good dogs are. Some days, it’s easier than others.

First up on today’s roster: Dog Days! As far as we can tell, this is kind of like those old Garry Marshall holiday comedies, except instead of being about New Year’s Day or Valentine’s, it’s all about how good dogs (and, to a lesser extent, Adam Pally) are. Given that we’ve watched the trailer like five times today, it makes its case pretty well. (Plus, unlike the last big Hollywood canine movie, A Dog’s Purpose, the dogs don’t have to keep dying and reincarnating all the time. We hope.)


Next up: The non-dog-related (but still pretty cool-looking) Never Goin’ Back, from A24. Written and directed by actress Augustine Frizzell, the film (in theaters August 3) centers on two young women (Maia Mitchell and Camila Morrone) enjoying life together, getting high, and planning their damndest to make it to the beach. (Also, Kyle Mooney’s there, but it seems pretty focused on the central friendship between the pair.)

Then, we’ve got Netflix’s latest, Alex Strangelove. Rather than a misguided, pre-doctorate prequel to Dr. Strangelove, though, the film is about a young guy (Daniel Doheny) trying to navigate the confusing maze of human sexuality, all while trapped in the social pressure cooker known as an American high school. (Also, he does the Scrubs hallucination thing, at one point trying to decide whether he wants “Heter-Os,” “Gay Flakes,” or “Bi-crunchies” for breakfast.) The film arrives on Netflix on June 8.


And finally, we’ve got a trailer for Dog Days. That’s right, double dogs! It’s the same trailer, but honestly, who cares? Ken Marino directed it, and that’s pretty weird! Dogs! DOGS! DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!


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