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Today in Trailer Happy Hour: All your Purge fun, now in a convenient TV bundle

Photo: The Purge (USA)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where the consumption of new film and TV trailers is truly a consummation devoutly to be wished. Today we’ve got Josh Brolin and Danny McBride as hunting buddies, Jack Black the Warlock, and a TV take on everybody’s favorite murder holiday, so let’s dive right in.

First up: USA’s trailer for its new limited series TV version of The Purge, which does, indeed, seem to carry all the signifiers—creepy masks, dead-eyed patriotic smiles and oblique Trump references, axes—of the popular film franchise. As it happens, we recently had a reporter on the show’s set, one who came away “cautiously optimistic” about its murder-happy approach to American politics, so you might want to give the series a look when it debuts on September 4.


Next up, we’ve got the latest trailer for Netflix’s The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter, which stars Brolin and McBride in a light comedy that feels a little bit like a live-action, feature-length version of an old King Of The Hill episode. (As Brolin’s city boy kid, Montana Jordan spouts a bunch of lines that wouldn’t sound out of place coming from Bobby Hill.) The latest film from McBride’s frequent collaborator Jody Hill, Legacy arrives on Netflix on July 6.

Finally, we’ve got the latest trailer for Eli Roth’s largely un-bloody stab at a kids’ film, the John Bellairs adaptation The House With A Clock In Its Walls. As opposed to the movie’s last trailer—which made some feints at actual horror—this one goes the full Hogwarts, with Jack Black and Cate Blanchett as the friendly Dumbledores initiating Owen Vaccaro’s Lucas into their quirky magical world.


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