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Determined to once again get the streets talking about the Oscars, Academy president Tom Sherak has selected Brett Ratner to produce next year’s 84th annual ceremony—using the words “out of the box” to describe his decision in this interview, as “off the hook” would be undignified for a man of his age and stature. Ratner will be partnered with Don Mischner, whose previous attempt to spit hot Oscar fire for the kidz manifested itself in the awkward conceptual comedy duo of Franco & Hathaway, green-screened everything, and the occasional hologram ghost. It’s obviously too soon to speak on any such details for Ratner’s vision, but in a press release Mischner did promise it would be “fast-paced” and “fun,” while Ratner said it would “meld the glamour of legendary Hollywood with the enormous talents who thrill moviegoers today,” so imagine Clark Gable and Carole Lombard exploding.


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