Creature Of The Night bodysuit (Credit: Living Dead Clothing)

We love The Simpsons. You love The Simpsons. All right-thinking people love The Simpsons. But your apparel is really what separates the die-hard fans from those who look worryingly like sentient Silly Putty that happened to roll over a TV screen set to the Fox animated comedy and imprint the image on themselves. The Daily Dot reports there is now a clothing line dedicated exclusively to the Treehouse Of Horror Halloween episodes of the show: An officially licensed line of women’s clothing, because guys, as everyone knows, totally hate The Simpsons.

Produced by Australian fashion retailer Living Dead Clothing, this first line of clothes is named after specific segments from the annual holiday episodes, like “Hex And The City” and “Hungry Are The Damned.” It includes dresses, leggings, skirts, tank tops, sweaters, and more. All of which, it should be helpfully noted, can be combined into one super-outfit that will make you look like a deranged Fox press release. There are 33 pieces in total, ranging in price from $42 to $71, though the cost to your fashion sense might be incalculable. The clothing goes on sale starting tonight at 7 p.m. ET.