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Today in Steven Tyler falls off the stage news: Joe Perry totally pushes Steven Tyler off the stage

Things have been noticeably tense in the Aerosmith camp of late, as now that “Toxic Twins” Steven Tyler and Joe Perry aren’t drug buddies anymore, they’ve been forced to solve for all the variables of interpersonal relationships that alcohol was created for in the first place. While the band survived its most recent break-up attempt, Tyler joining American Idol seems to have opened some of those same old wounds—but if you believe TMZ (and we’re not saying you should), those tensions may have finally exploded in a shocking tête-à-tête of passive-aggressive butt-bumping.

As you can see from this video, during a Wednesday performance in Toronto, Tyler “playfully” hip-checked Perry in the middle of “Love In An Elevator;” Perry then responded by backing up and knocking Tyler right off the stage, face first into the crowd. Of course, Perry then helped him back up, after which Tyler “playfully” spun him around, so it’s probable Tyler taking his knocks ‘twas all in good fun. But for those looking for evidence that Perry has finally had it with Tyler, or that Aerosmith’s days are numbered, man—or if you’re just looking for a manufactured controversy to debate during the hellish, slow-news slog of late August—this is pretty much the Zapruder film of ass-checking.


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