Thought it was briefly lost behind the growing stack of Stephen King adaptations, eventually turning to terrible means for survival in an exploration of the thin line separating civilization from madness, King's 2006 novel Cell is once more on track to be a movie from 1408 producer Richard Saperstein. Completing the circle, Saperstein will again team with his 1408 star John Cusack, who will play a comic-book artist searching desperately for his young son amid a population transformed into mindless, heartless zombies by their cell phones. (Can you hear the social commentary now?) The film was at one time attached to Eli Roth, who eventually dropped out in 2009 over creative differences. Since then, King has rewritten the screenplay himself—apparently changing the ending to address complaints about the book's—in collaboration with Last House On The Left screenwriter Adam Alleca. Cell still needs a director, so there's no telling where it will fall on the timeline of all the many other Stephen King film in development. But just add it to the list, then option that list for a movie.