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In the cold vacuum of space that is Disney’s silence on Star Wars casting, the Internet, obsessed with finding young Skywalkers, continues to dispatch thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of speculation, hoping that eventually one of them might discover some people who are actually in Star Wars. Leading the search, as always, is Latino Review, which has definitely hit upon its most plausible, anonymously sourced scoop yet in suggesting that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Saoirse Ronan have read for roles in the new trilogy, seeing as Saoirse Ronan and Benedict Cumberbatch read for seemingly everything. Indeed, saying Ronan or Cumberbatch are being considered for any movie is always a safe bet, as these days it can hardly even be considered a movie if they aren’t.


In the case of Cumberbatch, Latino Review is adamant that he’s done more than just read, refusing to accept Cumberbatch’s coy dismissals no matter how charmingly delivered or accompanied by quiet hums of sportive delight. “I don’t care if he denies it till opening day,” the site’s Kellvin Chavez writes of Cumberbatch. “We were right before about him playing Khan, and we will be right again on this one.” Cumberbatch’s roguish “lies,” Chavez insists, are just a cover-up for the fact that he will absolutely be in all three of the next Star Wars films, beginning with a “very small” role in Episode VII as a character who will then become “much bigger” in Episodes VIII and IX, after violently wresting control of the galaxy’s pudding. (That is, of course, our own speculation; still, we’re equally confident in the fact that pudding is tasty.)

Though the report that Ronan has met with producers was independently supported by Bleeding Cool, both sites are somewhat less certain about whom Ronan might be playing, as for all anyone knows, she could be up for everything from a “female villain part,” or Han Solo’s daughter, or the vast, ivory expanse of Hoth. What is for certain is that we have many, many more months of this.

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