Carrie Fisher recently sat down with Palm Beach Illustrated—Florida’s No. 1 source for movie scoops and retiree swimsuit calendars—and said what many have long expected, but neither Lucasfilm nor Mark Hamill have officially confirmed yet. “Yes,” Fisher said, in blunt response to whether she’ll be reprising the role of Princess Leia in the next chapter of the Star Wars saga. She even knows what Leia will be like, based on Carrie Fisher’s typically self-deprecating self-image and the inescapable ravages of time: “Elderly. She’s in an intergalactic old folks’ home,” Fisher said with a laugh, adding, “I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.”

Fisher further stoked your anticipation for watching a desiccated Princess Leia toddle about and make cranky, self-involved complaints by also describing her imagined wardrobe: “The bagel buns and the bikini, because probably she has sundowners syndrome. At sundown, she thinks that she’s 20-something. And she puts it on and gets institutionalized.” Anyway, obviously Fisher is jokingly playing off of her own, well-documented travails with addiction and bipolar disorder here, and if it’s any consolation, seeing an elderly Princess Leia will only be, say, 70 percent as sad as all that. [via Coming Soon]