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Today in Star Wars rumors: Aaron Paul wants to play Han Solo (don’t we all?)

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Unless the latest round of Star Wars casting rumors is lying to us, there’s an offside chance Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman might be graduating from Cap’n Cook to captain of the Millennium Falcon. According to a rather vague report based on an anonymous tip to a Star Wars news site, that standalone Star Wars movie that Godzilla mastermind Gareth Edwards might be directing before he goes back to his giant lizard buddy has not only a code name (Luminac Industrial Goods) but a protagonist in the form of a young Han Solo, whose adventures have been the subject of rumors for a while now.

And according to that same report, three-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul, who, like everyone else, apparently grew up wanting to be Han Solo but, unlike everyone else, has an agent who can make some phone calls about it, is interested in the part. The report doesn’t claim that Paul would play a young Han, only that he is “looking to be attached to the first Star Wars spinoff film in some fashion.” And since the report itself is unverified, we’re all getting a little ahead of ourselves here by wondering if anyone is going to be cast as a young Han. But speculating on Star Wars is fun, and Paul did recently dip his toes in the Star Wars universe by playing that boring dud Luke Skywalker in Jason Reitman’s sold-out script reading of The Empire Strikes Back. (Ellen Page played the part of Han.)

There’s also a Boba Fett prequel film supposedly in the works, so cross your fingers for Bryan Cranston to be cast as the galaxy’s most badass bounty hunter (he was in Edwards’ Godzilla, after all) so we can get that Breaking Bad reunion we’ll probably never get to see on Better Call Saul. The also-hypothetical standalone adventures of Boba Fett were supposed to come before Solo’s standalone movie according to another rumor we heard, so this report contradicts that earlier one, as happens sometimes when people speculate on things. Regardless of its content, Edwards’ Star Wars film is definitely scheduled for release on December 16, 2016, one year after Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters.

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