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With the federal government no longer around to regulate the dispensing of Star Wars casting rumors, we must put our trust in regional governors directly controlling their territories, and the hope that fear will keep the local systems in line—fear of being proven wrong when those rumors don’t pan out. But since the Internet doesn’t care about that, here are some more: This morning, Saoirse Ronan confirmed those earlier reports that she'd auditioned for a role in Episode VII, but dismissed it with the comment, “So has everyone.” (“So have I for every other movie,” would also have been accurate.) And so, right on cue, here's a report that “everyone” also includes 300: Rise Of An Empire star Sullivan Stapleton, who Latino Review once again reports read for an unspecified role—one that he more than likely won’t get anyway, seeing as Lucasfilm was “pretty irate” that he talked about the audition, knowing it would turn up in articles like this one. So never mind, probably.


With that attitude in mind, the site also tweeted, “FREE STAR WARS (maybe) TWITTER SCOOP! Kathleen Kennedy & Lucas had lunch w/DANIEL DAY LEWIS @ Bistro in San Rafael this past Thursday.” Granted, the site didn’t assert that it definitely had anything to do with Star Wars casting, or even lend it the weight of a full write-up. But it is perhaps worth noting that, at this wide-open stage, “Daniel Day-Lewis ate lunch” is still as plausible a Star Wars casting story as any, depending on what he ordered. Our speculation is that it was the salmon, which is known throughout the galaxy as the preferred fish of Wookiees.

Daniel Day-Lewis will play a Wookiee.

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