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With 2015 rapidly approaching (let’s say, for the sake of arguing that we need to talk about these films on a near-daily basis), Disney is already looking beyond Star Wars: Episode VII to the “standalone” movies that will alternate with chapters of the new trilogy, exploring single characters who may or may not be Yoda and Han Solo, they’re not telling. And while we still know nothing concrete beyond that—except that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on them and, presumably, getting all punch-drunk and pitching a Hope and Crosby-style road comedy with Bib Fortuna and Salacious Crumb by now—Disney’s Jay Rasulo recently offered one offhand remark that the Internet can pounce on and argue about for a while.


Variety reports that Rasulo promised each year would have one Star Wars trilogy film or “origin story” film, confirming assumptions that the standalone movies would concern their subjects’ early, formative years—the “prequels” to their adventures, if you will, where you’ll learn where the characters you love came from and whether they were really annoying when they were younger, as anyone who’s invested in Star Wars would be interested in doing. “I wonder what that character was like way before they did anything cool?” you’ve often said, and so soon you will know.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Latino Review reports from its usual insider source that the Millennium Falcon is being built at Pinewood Studios, potentially setting up the origin story movie where we finally learn about the ship's construction. Who designed those seats? How come there doesn't seem to be a bathroom? [Edit: Never mind, there it is.] These are other important questions to which we may soon have answers.

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