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Illustration for article titled Today in sort-of-omens of emThe Office/ems demise: Even Meredith is looking for other work

It’s certainly not on the same level as some more recent exoduses, but yet another star of The Office is hedging their bets with outside work: Kate Flannery, known for playing diehard romantic and bon vivant Meredith, has been recruited as the host of the new comedy showcase Standup In Stilettos, according to Deadline. The series featuring lady comedians talking about lady comedy things in front of ladies who are all like, you know it, girl is set to debut this summer on TV Guide Channel, with production beginning in April and casting for ladies who can talk about lady things commencing immediately.


Both Stilettos and the recently acquired Rove LA (starring Australian comic Rove McManus) are part of TV Guide’s new focus on developing original comedy shows, apparently, with the hopes they will attract viewers other than the ones who still tune in to watch months-old red carpet interviews playing atop TV Guide Channel’s increasingly outdated, slowly rotating list of current programming—viewers such as house pets left alone in a thunderstorm or yet-to-be-discovered corpses. Anyway, as we said, it’s not technically another omen of The Office’s demise, but when even Meredith is looking for other opportunities, you have to believe the show’s days are numbered.

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