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Today in shocking TV news: The Addams Family's living room was pink

Seeing as how the show was shot in black and white, it’s perfectly understandable that, for years now, fans have assumed the set for The Addams Family was a macabre mix of dark accessories and gothic accents. The living room had a noose hanging in it, for crying out loud, so why wouldn’t the walls and carpets be grey?

As it turns out, the living room set was anything but goth. In fact, it was pink. Cult Of The Weird has a shot of the set taken by photographer Richard Fish for TV Guide. The photo reveals the set to be an eclectic but fairly demure mix of salmon, beige, and light grey. Even Morticia’s famous rattan chair is, well, the color of rattan. It’s all very off-putting, but seeing the photo translated into black and white, it’s relatively easy to see how, at the time, the colors on the set just didn’t matter all that much.


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