The Holy Road, a sequel to 1990 Kevin Costner flick Dances With Wolves, will be directed by Simon Wincer, according to Variety. The report says the film picks up 11 years after Wolves left off, with the Comanche tribe facing growing threats from white settlers and the transcontinental railroad. Wincer has some experience with this genre, as he directed made-for-TV fare like Into The West and Lonesome Dove.

Variety is also reporting that Fox has set a July 25 release date for its X-Files sequel. Series creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will all return for the film, which begins shooting next month. Fox isn't divulging any story details, other than to say it's a "stand-alone story and supernatural thriller," but has hinted there may be some Mulder-Scully action involved.