Michael Mosley of Sirens, Omari Hardwick of Power

Freshman cable series Power and Sirens will live long enough to see sophomore year, as both shows have received second-season orders from their respective networks. Power, in which Omari Hardwick plays a New York gangster trying to go legit (and not the abstract concept of influence or control over the behavior of others), attracted approximately 2 million viewers for its June 7 debut, roughly the same number garnered by Starz’s last marquee premiere, the already-guaranteed-a-third-season Da Vinci’s Demons. Sirens—which is about Chicago EMTs and not beasts of Greek myth luring lonely sailors to their deaths with the use of song—has been a modestly rated test of USA’s ability to develop original comedy, rather than letting Modern Family reruns hog all of the laughs. The fate of USA’s other new original comedy, Playing House, remains up in the air—but the network would do right to renew that one as well, because show be bangin’. Bangin’? Show. Be. Bangin’.