Almost every day, the Internet shines a light on a little tidbit of pop culture information no one necessarily needed to know, but everyone’s oh so glad they do. Today’s weird factoid, courtesy of the nostalgia-fueled staff at Buzzfeed Shift, is that the guy who played mathlete and rapper Kevin G in Mean Girls now makes his living as a professional calligrapher.

Rajiv Surendra came to the business of fine penmanship after becoming enchanted with letters written in the mid-1800s. Surendra started fooling around with writing, and eventually started fooling around with wooden penholders, ink, and tiny metal nibs that were used before the invention of the ballpoint pen. All his work now is done on a worktable dating back to the 1820s, save the chalkboard projects he’s done for restaurants and offices.


Interested parties—and who’s not interested in the dying art of calligraphy—can check out more of Surendra’s work at his site, Letters In Ink.