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Today in puzzling remake news: Robert Zemeckis to remake Yellow Submarine

In profoundly puzzling remake news, Variety reports  that Robert Zemeckis will be remaking kiddie stoner favorite Yellow Submarine using that creepy 3-D motion-capture technology he's so enamored of. The remake has apparently been in the works for a long time, with Zemeckis' army of lawyers negotiating with The Beatles' battalion of bewigged barristers for the rights to sixteen Beatles tunes for the remake and a proposed Broadway adaptation of the remake of an animated film adapting the classic Beatles song. Got it?

The whole project feels a little sketch but then so did the original, a Beatles musical in which the Beatles didn't even bother providing the voices for their animated selves. It's hard to lose money with The Beatles, a quartet of lovable mop tops from Liverpool renowned for their tight pants and infectious ditties, so the film makes a whole lot of sense commercially, if not artistically. We are, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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