(Photo: Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Donald Trump set off a ticking clock for online jokesters during his political rally/two-minute hate/professional brag session in Phoenix last night, when he noticed a protester had infiltrated the crowd and began rambling about their presence. Most of Trump’s comments were his usual murmurings on the subject of the “alt-left,” talking about black masks and clubs, but he ended on a truly strange moment, when he suddenly broke off his comments to yell “Antifa!,” to the tune—intentionally, or not—of “Tequila” by The Champs. And just like that, the race was on, to see who could get their mash-up of the two pieces of audio together first.


Our winner: Twitter’s Chris Stephens, who put together a pretty snazzy version, with a nice build-up that blessedly drones out most of Trump’s words. Unfortunately, the rest of the rally was boilerplate Trump, devoid of any other bizarre musical interludes: Media bad, walls good, John McCain evil. (To be fair, Trump refused to cite the Arizona senator by name, essentially executing a presidential sub-tweet on his long-time critic.) But we’ll take our happy moments where we can get them, even if they involve the president of the United States inadvertently doing his best Pee Wee Herman for a crowd of adoring fans.