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Today in oops: Sony accidentally uploaded an entire movie to its YouTube channel

Screenshot: YouTube

Three and a half years after the hack that exposed thousands of employees’ personal information, 50 screenplays for upcoming Sony films, and the existence of a Men In Black/21 Jump Street crossover, Sony Pictures is once again scrambling to mop up a digital leak. But this time, the hack is less sinister and more cringeworthy: As Ars Technica reports and Redditors have been mercilessly mocking, early on Tuesday morning someone accidentally uploaded a film called Khali The Killer in its entirety to Sony’s YouTube page instead of the red-band trailer for said film. It remained there for between six and eight hours, depending on your source.

That’s a pretty horrifying mistake, and we can only assume the lowly digital assistant responsible for queuing up trailer uploads on a holiday week (yesterday was Independence Day in the U.S.) is being fired as we speak. That’s one explanation for the scenario; another is that the “leak” was a viral marketing stunt. But considering that Sony is still rebuilding its reputation after the aforementioned 2014 hack—and that the 11,000 people who did watch Khali The Killer before Sony realized its mistake didn’t seem to like it very muchit’s more likely that someone simply copied and pasted the wrong video into an automated publishing tool.


All in all, though, it could have been much worse. Khali The Killer was released on Blu-ray in Germany back in November, and on American DVD and VOD on the same day it was briefly available on Sony’s YouTube page. So it’s not like the studio accidentally leaked Venom or something. And based on a previous trailer, released back in January and embedded below, Khali The Killer looks like a low-rent Tarantino ripoff anyway. As of this writing, Sony has yet to comment on the leak, and is presumably still planning to go ahead with the film’s August 31 limited theatrical release.

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