Though wildly different in tone and subject matter, Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls are united by the fact that they’re two of TV’s best shows about small towns. But what if they were the same show about the same small town? Though long suggested in the pages of your fan-fiction short story in which James Hurley meets Jess Mariano (and Jess runs James over with his car a few dozen times), the crossover is now a reality thanks to YouTube user Jamison Hermann. The chipper theme song and timeless typography of Gilmore Girls’ opening sequence is paired with the few feet of Twin Peaks footage that doesn’t concern grisly murders in dilapidated train cars—though there’s some that, too, playfully juxtaposed with the vocals of Carole King and Louise Goffin’s “Where You Lead.” The only thing it’s missing are appearances from the Stars Hollow doppelgängers of Audrey Horne and Shelly Johnson.