Wet Hot American Summer

Now that everyone you’ve ever liked is set to appear in Netflix’s series prequel to Wet Hot American Summer, it seems those involved would like to make yet another return trip. Creator and director David Wain has decided that he’d be extremely fine with going back to summer camp, again and again, in perpetuity, until such time as he either can’t do it any more or decides that maybe next summer everyone should go on a road trip and maybe follow around Rusted Root or something. In a new interview with EW, Wain says that he’d like to make even more Wet Hot American Summer installments, leading opponents of the cult hit to exclaim, “Oh fuck my cock!” because that is something said in the movie, as a negative exclamation, one of a half-dozen or so quotes we can surely wedge in here.

“I think there’s plenty more to do,” Wain said, referring to continuing the story after the prequel events of the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp. “If it all works out, it’d be great.” Something that bodes well for the likelihood of future installments is the more open-ended nature of the series, which allowed for more flexibility among the returning cast, many of whom are pretty busy these days. “We just basically set a date and said, okay, whenever anyone’s free during that time, come on over and we’ll shoot. So, that was never the delay. It was just sort of getting the whole machine up.” Presumably this is a reference to the machine built by David Hyde Pierce’s Henry Newman in the film, which was, indeed, quite an ordeal. The series comes out on July 17, at which point fans can finally begin storing up an arsenal of new quotes to reference at any available opportunity, definitely not irritating the shit of everyone around them.