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Today in music videos: Watch Tom Hanks' son act like a total creep in "Hollywood"

It’s been a while since the Internet’s really heard from ol’ Chet Haze, rapping spawn of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The Northwestern student has been hosting swanky club nights around Chicago, getting burdened by God, and offering to battle any rapper in the game. Now, he’s released his second music video, for “Hollywood.” While the song’s perfectly cromulent, the video is absolutely giggle-inducing. In it, Haze plays a sweet-talking photographer who wears a blazer, has assistants in jean shorts who stare awkwardly, and puts the moves on his wooden, January Jones-style model, eventually taking her out on the town in an American car and bedding her while surrounded by gauzy curtains. Just another day’s work for “Hollywood” gadabout Haze, apparently.

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