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Today in music videos: Toby Keith’s stupid and possibly brilliant “Red Solo Cup”

People with a passing familiarity with the artistic oeuvre of Toby Keith tend to think that he’s a jingoistic lunkhead constantly shoving his boot up the asses of terrorists—which is absolutely true. But dig a little deeper into the Keith canon and you’ll find party songs like “Red Solo Cup,” a plucky banjo-driven number about his beer-drinking receptacle of choice. (“You sir do not have a pair of testicles if you prefer drinking out of glass,” he insists.) “Red Solo Cup” is unquestionably dumb, but unless you have an insurmountable bias against Keith and/or red cups, it’s also very hard not to like. That goes double for the video—like the song, it appears to have been conceived and executed while under the influence of an intense stew of chemicals. Just to increase the WTF factor of “Red Solo Cup,” a strange galaxy of guest stars— Craig Ferguson! Carrot Top! Roger Clemens! Jeff Dunham! Larry Bird!—also appear for some reason. [Via Vulture]

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