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Today in music videos: The Black Keys hit the road in "Gold On The Ceiling"

There's a time and place for the steady whir of progress, but there's nothing like the rattle and hum of retro-cool. And with their new video, The Black Keys scale back the budget and the turn back the clock to a simpler, funkier time. The video for "Gold On The Ceiling," from last year's thumping El Camino, overlays the buzzy track over spliced-together footage from the studio and from the road. With grainy low-budget fuzz, beards aplenty, and tantalizing shots of well-polished instruments—not to mention some throwback-tastic jackets right at the two-minute mark—"Gold On The Ceiling" looks like something ripped right out of Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains The Same. But, blessedly, without the 20-minute violin-bowed rendition of "Dazed And Confused."


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