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Today in music videos: Rilo Kiley’s rarities compilation RKives gets another clip

Though Rilo Kiley seemingly remains finished for good—though we’re not counting out a reunion in the next decade—RKives, the B-sides compilation released this year, is a grower. It’s not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, but a solid and saddening capstone to a band cut short too soon. A video for lead track “Let Me Back In” was released back in February using crowd-sourced video clips and archival footage, and now a second music video for The Execution Of All Things-era B-side “Emotional”—which was previously available on the single version of that record's title track in 2003—has been produced, premiering over at Rolling Stone. There’s still no new footage of the band, since they’re not together, but it has a bunch of vintage '50s and '60s video footage put together by the director, who told the magazine, "The video makes me think of the way Bill Hicks would often end his act by saying 'The world is like a ride at an amusement park…' When I originally cut the video, I put footage of Hicks performing that quote with half of it before the vid and the other half after." It’s more of a tone poem inspired by the song, showing various emotions to go along with the steadily chugging guitar riff from one of RKives’ best tracks.


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