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The Zac Brown Band has already taught the world a great deal about what items pair well: fried chicken, cold beer, Friday night, well-fitting denim, and radio tunes. This is reasoning at its finest. They want to do listeners one better, though, and have offered up another piece of southern-fried rationale.

Director Mike Judge (of King Of The Hill and Beavis And Butt-head fame) and the Zac Brown Band have teamed up to create the music video for the band’s latest single “The Wind.” The video’s narrative provides the backstory for its main character Robo Redneck, who shares a beard in common with Zac Brown. After Zac dies in a moonshine-related airboating accident somewhere in a Georgia swamp, the rest of the band decides to rebuild him in their garage with “tools”. The DIY adventure prevails, and the first honky-tonk robot guitar player is born. Or, at least, the first that we know of.


The video was released in tandem with the band’s new album, Uncaged, which is out today.

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