At this point, one of the more shocking things Lady Gaga could do is release a music video that’s NOT more than 10 minutes long, lacks any sort of weird nudity, and doesn’t aim to be a “short film.” By Gaga standards, the new almost-14-minute video for “Marry The Night” (which she directed herself) is positively mundane in its depiction of couture-clad psychiatric nurses, Trans-Am humping, and a nude Gaga dousing herself in Honey Nut Cheerios and crying in a bathtub. But the high-energy dance song (which kicks in around the 8-minute mark) is one of the better tracks on Born This Way, and Gaga claims that much of the video—which is inspired by the time after she was dropped from her first record label, Def Jam—is meant to be comical, so don’t worry about finding a deeper meaning in that Bedazzler-ballerina showdown scene.