Kreayshawn's breakthrough hit, "Gucci Gucci," came out over a year ago this month. Somehow, she's managed to keep herself in the national consciousness all this time, and in the process landed herself a deal with Columbia Records, and even got nominated for an MTV Video Music Award which, thankfully, she did not win.

With today's news that Kreayshawn's debut record, Something 'Bout Kreay, finally has a release date—August 14, for what it's worth—comes her new music video, "Breakfast." This self-directed, syrupy ode to pancakes and such—if there's a metaphor here, we're not getting it—is perfectly passable. Sure, Kreay's flow's not great, but did anyone ever think it was? We're a little annoyed that she just pretends to drink the glass of syrup she pours in the video, but whatever. The beat's okay, and we like breakfast, so we'll give this a solid C.


"Breakfast," the single, will be available for digital download May 22.