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Today in Morrissey news: Peter Serafinowicz sings Autobiography, Moz outs himself as "humasexual"

With the release of Morrissey's Autobiography (subtitle: 54, Clumsy, And Shy—no, not really), there's been a flurry of Internet activity, including reviews, encapsulations, and just giant congregations of quotes. Actor/comedian/voice artist Peter Serafinowicz—who was great on a recent Parks And Recreation—has taken to YouTube to sing each page of the book in his best Morrissey voice, with Smiths music backing him. So far he's only done two pages; it'll be a miracle if he makes it to 480. Both are below. Meanwhile, likely in response to the press treating revelations in Morrissey's book that he's had relationships with men as an official declaration of his homosexuality, Morrissey released a short statement via his official/unofficial fan site, True To You, which reads in full: "Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course…not many." The ellipses and italics are, of course, Morrissey's. Autobiography does not yet have a U.S. release date, but it's pretty to easy to track down from UK sellers.

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