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Today in managed expectations: Eddie Murphy "kind of wrote" a Nutty Professors 3 that "might be kind of funny"

Because every modern film requires a minimum of three chapters to tell its story, Eddie Murphy has been at work on a possible follow-up to 2000’s The Nutty Professor II: Sentient Fart-Bags for at least the last couple of years. During a recent interview with Access Hollywood at the L.A. première of Shrek Forever After, he seems to have confirmed that the script is a done deal: “We kind of wrote something that might be kind of funny,” he said, unconsciously echoing both the creative leadenness behind its conception and the eventual general sentiment toward its execution. But even though a script exists, Murphy recognizes that he still has to overcome the hurdle of convincing the studio it’s worth doing, saying, “If you don’t see it, the studio was like, ‘This isn’t funny.’” (And if we do see it, the studio was like, “This isn’t funny, but people will pay to see it anyway, so what the fuck.”)


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