50 Cent: Actor. Rapper. Entrepreneur. Vitamin Water Guy. Video Game hero. Clothing magnate. Man who made Young Buck cry. Is there anything 50 Cent can't do poorly in pursuit of a quick buck? No. No there is not. Now the one-man brand is branching off into cologne. According to a story on sohh.com, the AV Club favorite will soon launch his very own fragrance. The cologne will be named Power, apparently because Dane Cook has already reserved Douche for his line of colognes.

Hip hop powerbroker Chris Lighty, one of the men behind the fragrance, had this to say about the launch, according to SOHH: "The typical musician or actor might not know much about developing a fragrance or a skin care line, but he definitely wants to capitalize on his brand potential. After spending years bringing clients to major corporations to forge partnerships, I wanted to take that synergy to the next level by establishing a destination for artists and celebrities to create and distribute their brands from start to finish. What we'll do at Lighthouse Beauty is not only transform a name into a product, but also take that product from its inception to the shelves."

Wow, just reading that made me feel dirty. 50 isn't the only rapper P.I.M.Ping a line of the sweet smelly stuff. Common's gotten into the game as well with a cologne called Only The Brave. Here's a nauseating passage from a press release announcing the venture: "Inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave is a fragrance about seizing opportunities and making a difference. Only The Brave boasts the determination and strength to overcome adversity and make a mark. Common's song "The 6th Sense" fully embodies the spirit of Only The Brave. Exploring what motivates a man and the challenges he faces, the song and the artist behind it encompass the qualities that make a brave man—determination, perseverance and principle."


In even more depressing hip hop news Willie D, the legendary Texas gangsta rap pioneer and longtime Geto Boys fixture has been indicted for wire fraud for allegedly selling phones on Ebay, then failing to deliver. Not very gangsta, just sad, sad, sad.