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Illustration for article titled Today in Hey, whats Carrie Brownstein up to?: Carrie Brownstein is writing a memoir and appearing on emWTF/em and emWait Wait... Dont Tell Me/em

The surprising yet welcome late blooming of Carrie Brownstein continues, as the Sleater-Kinney vet will bolster the success of Wild Flag and Portlandia with forays into the medium of book-writin’, both with the recently announced Portlandia book and now a forthcoming memoir. The as-yet-untitled work for Riverhead Books will cover Brownstein’s estimable “life in music,” and it’s not to be confused with the book she previously signed up to write regarding the evolution of the musician-fan dynamic in the iPod and American Idol age—a somewhat-vague project that Brownstein more or less dismissed on today’s WTF With Marc Maron podcast, saying this new, personal memoir will have “more of a through line” than that seemingly abandoned idea. And speaking of hearing Carrie Brownstein’s voice on free things, Brownstein was recently a guest on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, doing a surprisingly able job of answering questions about “the opposite of Portland,” Singapore. You can listen to that here.


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