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Today in happy things: Janet Jackson surprises one of her biggest fans

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

After surprising his dad with Janet Jackson tickets on Father’s Day, a man by the name of KB Strawder, Jr.finally took him to see her in Las Vegas, where he had another surprise in store. As his father was raving about how he felt honored to just see her, Jackson snuck up behind him to say hello. If his reaction doesn’t make you break out in a big-ass grin, you might not like happiness either.


As she slid her arms around him and said, “That’s really sweet, I’m glad,” one can nearly see the man’s soul leave his body. Strawder, Jr. also posted the front view of the video on his Instagram, and truly the best part is how his mouth pops open in utter disbelief, bless him.

And, as Strawder Jr. wrote in his Twitter post, this is a sequel to another viral clip in which his dad freaked out after receiving the tickets. On Father’s Day, his dad opened up his present and promptly lost it. See that clip below, should your heart be capable of this much warmth. 

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