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Today in Hannibal problems: The stars’ contracts have expired


Deadline has poked another hole in our fantasy of Hannibal getting a fourth season: Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy’s contracts expired yesterday. At this point, the actors are free agents and able to pursue whatever film or TV offers they want, some of which might eschew regular bloothbaths and require fewer hours in the makeup chair.

Since NBC announced a few weeks ago that Hannibal’s third season would be its last, fans and critics have hoped that the show would find another home (perhaps on Amazon, which has streaming rights to the first three seasons). This contract issue complicates matters, though, since a new deal for a fourth season would necessitate renegotiating the stars’ salaries and also barring them from other productions that lots of people might actually watch. Still, sources say that Mikkelsen and Dancy love the show and are willing to renegotiate if it gets a fourth season and, more importantly, if they are still available.


[via /Film]

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